The Pink City


Located in the Northern part of India, Jaipur often known as ‘The Pink city’ is popular for its amazing forts and palaces. The city’s rich cultural heritage is displayed in its art and traditionally beautiful architecture.



I’m so glad I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city that is also known for its artisans, handmade crafts, prints, and jewelry. I was inspired by the fusion of tradition and modernism that the city now reflects. As this was my second visit to Jaipur after 10 years, I was determined to explore the beautiful work that the artisans had to offer.


Untitled design (11)

My visit to the production area at the bazaar resulted in miles of walking down the extremely narrow potholed lanes with busy vendors and shops, as my uber had to stop back at the main street.

The Pink City (1).png

My flair for the local language and my production lead (who accompanied me through this journey) were my 2 trump cards to surviving the scouting walk through “Gopaljiki nukkad”. When our legs had given up, we jumped into the rickshaw as the rickshaw wala cycled us to our destination, which at that point seemed like such a luxury.



Fortunately, I was able to make sure my visit was a good mix of work and play. I got to explore some seriously ‘local’ favorites for shopping and food. A few of my absolute favorites were Anokhi café – known for great food and artisan-made organic cotton clothing, Tapri – a café with eclectic décor (Gotta love their tadka maggi [Indian version of ramen] and chai!) There were quite a few more monuments and shops I wanted to visit but had to skip due to my short trip.


The Pink City (2).png

introducing (13).png

I started my second day with heritage sights, including the first and the most popular, Hawa Mahal. Constructed in red and pink sandstone, the palace is at the heart of Jaipur city. Referred to as the ‘Palace of breeze’ (where it got its name from), it has a total of 953 small casements. After numerous picture taking and shopping around the palace, I was ready for some food.


introducing (17).png

For our night out and dinner, I was happy to get dressed for the much hyped and most instagramable “Bar Palladio”. There isn’t enough that could be said about this café – it was all that I had heard and much more. I was in AWE!

The Pink City (3).png

I had scheduled some work meetings the next morning at my hotel, as my flight back to my mom’s place was later that evening. I made sure to schedule the flight before she started her tirade that I do not stay with her enough during my visits (fair enough, I’m guilty!) The meetings went well and we parted ways. With a narrow window left and too many places on my list, I decided to not miss the Sujan Rajmahal Palace.


introducing (15).png

From the minute we drove into the entrance (the palace having been converted to a 5 star property managed by Sujan group of hotels), the space was opulent in every word.

The Pink City (4).png

We started with the polo room, a sport that has been famous with the Maharaja’s for centuries and is still a staple to many people, from the royalty of Rajasthan to the youngest Sawai Padmanabh Singh. The ornate polo room (which also served as a lobby) had a great mix of colors and wall papers, showcasing modern aesthetics with a traditional flair.

The surprise element was The Colonnade café, and 51 shades of pink (literally!). I ordered my tea and scones at Colonnade, but instead decided to have them sent to the outdoor space to enjoy the tranquility of the gardens. I enjoyed the view sipping my impeccably served tea, and time stood still!


The Pink City (5).png

With the beauty of Jaipur fresh in my mind, Into The Galaxy was born. The stunning yellow gold metal and matte finishes are deeply rooted in Jaipur’s culture. Inspired by the city’s royal architecture and vibrant artisanship, Into The Galaxy features a modern twist on traditional Jaipurian jewelry. The collection, along with Italian Summer, is handcrafted with utmost care and detail by skilled artisans in India.


Untitled design (12).png

This collection is all about contemporary and elegant designs that are affordable and versatile. It can be effortlessly combined with everyday looks or evening dresses.

I strive to create pieces that define travel and culture, to let the wearer “travel through jewelry.” With Into The Galaxy, I hope it brings a taste of  The Pink City to anyone who wears it!

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